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High-Performance Computing: How Bursts in the Cloud Can Triple Your Work Rate

Written by
Einar Skretting

A happy marriage between High-Performance Computing (HPC) and cloud computing provides geoscientists with faster results from and increased efficiency in reservoir simulation processes.

The Ultimate Conference Calendar for Geoscientists in 2020

Written by
Pål Hovdenak

Attending conferences and exhibitions is an excellent opportunity to learn about new trends and technologies, innovative products and services, and connect and network with industry peers.

A CIOs Guide to the Cloud Universe

Written by
Asbjørn Tonstad

With the shift to and the increasing proliferation of cloud computing, developing a cloud strategy becomes crucial for any organization wishing to leverage the opportunities inherent in digitalization.

Why Asset and Plant Security is More Important Than Ever

Written by
Henrik Skandsen

In a time with a focus on increased productivity and reduced cost, more and more industrial and critical infrastructure are being exposed. IT and OT become increasingly interconnected, exposing critical infrastructure for new security threats and...

Access to G&G Applications from Anywhere with GeoCloud

Written by
Alexander Tharaldsen

Leveraging the power of cloud computing and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Cegal’s GeoCloud promises to simplify work processes and increases productivity for G&G application users.

Effective Seismic Inversion Through Microsoft Azure Cloud

Written by
John Sayer

Cloud computing has gained a significant foothold in the oil and gas industry, promising IT cost reductions, scalability opportunities, and collaboration improvements. Even among geoscientists, the cloud offers considerable efficiency...

Welcome to The GeoTech Blog

Written by
Svein Torgersen

We are happy to finally launch The GeoTech Blog, and excited to have you as a reader. It is our new place where industry professionals go to learn new stuff and share their knowledge. Why? Because we believe that you, like we do, want to grow as...

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